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    Natural Dried Apricot

    Natural Dried Apricot

    Natural (Unsulphured) Apricots; differs from sulphured apricots in colour ,the colur of this type changes from light brown to dark brown this is because these apricots are directly dried under the sunlight without being trated with SO2.


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    Organic Dried Apricot

    Organic Dried Apricot

    Organic Apricots:are grown by certified growers according to the standards of the Organic Agriculture and under the control of our certification body.

    These apricots are growned naturally without being treated with any chemicals at the orchards.Strict controls are done regularly by the inspectors of certification body ,the leave,soil and water analysis on apricots orchards are done to check if any chemical is used.



Dried Apricot | Dried Apricot Exporter - İFS Food - Dried Apricot Producers

iFS We Briefly IFS Food is leading producer of high quality agricultural products mainly dried apricots. Trusted Dried Apricot Exporter, Best Quality Dried Apricot Producer in Turkey

dried apricot

Dried Apricots

Malatya Dried Apricots are made non-producible. Washing, repacking of machine, sorting and calibration processes are packed for packing for sale.

dried apricot expoters

Dried Apricot Expoters

 Dried Apricot Expoters TS-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Methodology and HACCP food safety practices are closely followed in the implementation of the processes.

dried apricot turkey

Dried Apricot Turkey

Dried Apricot Turkey In traditional Chinese medicine, apricots have been known for thousands of years for their ability to renew their body fluids, to purify the body from toxic substances and to thirst.

Dried Apricot Producers

Dried Apricot Producers

Dried Apricot Producers are added under two main groups: sulfurized and non-sulfurized (natural) and four subclasses: extra, first class, second class and industrial grade. 

Dried Apricot | Dried Apricot Exporter - İFS Food


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